Lost Wonder Hut

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A bunch of Lynne’s mates do this trip each year into this privately owned hut.  It is a little bit remote and it has the potential for some fresh turns. It is called the Lost Wonder Hut – www.LostWonderHut.com Since we don’t … Continue reading

Before the Storm

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A bunch of pics that I thought I should post before the guts of the season really begin. First up was some birthday celebrations, turns out Blake’s Mum was having her 60th the same day as my birthday. She just … Continue reading

Now the fun starts

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I’ve been looking forward to this winter…. since the last one ended!!! Last winter had a great late season with Little Spoon and lots of snowmobiling, the winter before was the BIG one with 97 days in a row of guests at the … Continue reading

Summer 2014

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Yesterday I moved back into the Chateau Grindlay and I’m surprised how much I missed the place; the piano, the neighbours, the hottubs. A few highlights for the summer in reverse order: My neighbour Adam didn’t die after his nose … Continue reading


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When I heard that Marls was coming to Colorado after his Soccer World Cup trip, I couldn’t wait!!! Marls is one of my Terrigal mates who I met through some of the other guys.  Over nearly a decade, Marls and … Continue reading

Out of retirement

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After my Ironman back in 2002, I decided to retire from that kind of rubbish. Then……. one night,  after a scotch or 6, I was giving someone a hard time about crossfit or tuff mudder events and saying how much they … Continue reading

Canadian Doctors

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I think this is the 3rd year Chris and Paul (the Canadian Doctors) have been in town.  The first year they looked after Dave the Sailor and Dave Onions, last year they had Dave Onions to look after and this … Continue reading

20th Winter Begins

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So my 20th winter begins…… Lots of skiing early, lots of groomers but it is snowing outside as I write this and the holidays folks are just about out of town so things should start ramping up.  I’ve had 30 something … Continue reading

Last Summer Post

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The change from spring to winter came pretty quick.  Last Wednesday I went for a mountain bike and this Wednesday is my 6th day on the snow. Last post for summer and it is a bit all over the place…. … Continue reading

Fall Road Trip

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I haven’t posted much this summer; playing golf, hiking and doing school work is not really worth posting. This semester I’m taking a bunch of classes so I don’t have to take any this winter and it has been a … Continue reading

Summer Shenanigans

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Some pics that didn’t have enough for their own post, but worth posting . Black Betty has been treated badly – but it all started with bloody Charlie Moore.  Charlie is a good influence, in a bad way. So when I … Continue reading

7 Passes

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I’ve got a bunch of summer pics to post but I’ll start with last weekends mission down to Crested Butte to hang out with Rob and Nancy. Rob and Nancy are used to hosting (kinda like myself – hahaha) and … Continue reading

Rock Climbing 101

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New semester and it started off pretty well.  College Algebra professor is a hoot and seems like she is on her game and my International Relations lecturer’s chairmanship of the local Democratic Party should make things interesting, she is cute … Continue reading

Little Squaw

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12 months ago I was invited on a trip down to a property that Brielle’s family has owned for generations (I think they stole it from the Indians) – unfortunately, I flew out to NZ the day of the trip.  This post … Continue reading

300 Club

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The M&M’s were my last guests of the winter and I tell you what, they were a hoot!!!!! I thought that the Chateau Grindlay had 300yrs of total age in the house but I found out it was only 292 … Continue reading

Winter Wacko’s

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This winter is taking shape and it has been fantastically hectic. I reckon I could even get a job at air traffic control the way I’ve been able to line up my winter guests, but since I don’t spend enuf time … Continue reading

Not exactly roughing it

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We’ve had some snow and the crew has gone wild.  Thursday we buried ourselves in the Beaver….. The Beaver Creek moto is “Not exactly roughing it” and I think it rings pretty true.  Our day at the Beaver started with … Continue reading

Pre 32

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I needed an excuse to post some pics so I’m doing a pre-Tuesday post.  This weekend, as part of my studies,  I’m spending 2 days ice climbing and I really hope I don’t get an ‘F’.  Here is the grading scale … Continue reading

Winter is here

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Nothing much has been happening up here lately. Skool is over and I passed, just (well if 109% final mark on Macroeconomics for 2nd graders counts as a pass – haha). There has been a little snow about but mostly … Continue reading

Good Weekend

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Nancy and Rob Good are mates from Queenstown.  We are all paying property taxes in Colorado; so it was time for me to drop down to Crested Butte and see how they do this Colorado summer thing.  As expected, they … Continue reading

I’m Back

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This is a mission that started last December, has cost me a shit tonne more than I had anticipated BUT it has been a hell of a trip back to America. As usual I flew into San Francisco and caught … Continue reading

Ski Cooper

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Ski Cooper is a wee little ski field (unlike me – I should work on that winter coat of mine….  hahahaha) about 45 miles from my place – the lifts are short and it is pretty flat – sounds just like a Japanese Doris or … Continue reading

Dave(s) @ Breck

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There is not a whole lot to write here. The “Double Dave’s” hiked up above the highest chair in Nth America faster than I expected. This is the boys walking up. Sandos getting a big recovery. Onions looking just as … Continue reading

Double Diamond Dave

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This year has been a tough one snow wise but being Colorado – if it isn’t snowing, it is sunny. The snow up high, and on the steeper slopes is holding up pretty well.  Hence the concept of – ‘Double … Continue reading

Litte Chop Stick?

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If ‘Little Spoon’ is a spoon in the western world…. what does that make him in the east?  The only way to confirm or deny would be to ask his little Japanese neighbour girls what they think… and they giggle a … Continue reading

Poly the Snowmobile

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Paul and Caitriona can’t spend a few weeks in Colorado without going snowmobiling. After skiing one day we took Poly up to the wee little town of Montezuma to take her for a spin. Nice work Caitriona…. Then Paul, Chris … Continue reading


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I’ve said it time and time again – I LOVE MONDAYS!!!!! The 1st Monday of 2012 was awesome and today, the 2nd Monday of the month, was amazing as well. The Hutchinsons and I shot over to Beaver Creek – … Continue reading

I’m back

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Large as life & twice as ugly!!!! Arrived back in Keystone on Thanksgiving evening to a full house.  I couldn’t think of a better way to arrive back ‘home’ after 6 months;  to a house smelling of turkey, booze and … Continue reading

Out of Season Ski

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There wasn’t much snow up high this season and as such I didn’t get as much touring in as I had hoped (the Grand Couloir will have to wait for another year). So when AJ called saying he was interest … Continue reading