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Tom might move

I’ve got an old ski buddy I call Nevada Bob.

Nevada Bob and his missus, Tahoe Becky, are going to New Zealand soon and Bob wanted to pick my brain.  After a few chats on the phone Bob said why not come up to Montana for New Years, I jokingly said “Yeah sure mate.”

A few weeks later, Nevada Bob called me and said, “Becky booked the table for New Years, you can’t back out or she’ll take one of my testicles.”

“Bob, I’m in.  You can bet my testicles on it.”

I think Bob was calmed by my response, he said “Tom, you might love Montana more than Colorado, you might not leave…..”

I raced a storm up there. I think it was a 14 hour drive the last day.  But it was worth it…..

It was a little cold, but we were prepared.  4 skiing Ninja’s……  except Bob…. where is your face mask Bob?

Bob had the 2nd worst frost bite nose I’ve ever seen.  Bob has a big nose, and you can keep growing it right?  Bob was just fine.

Look at Bob ski….  with half his nose flopping off. My favourite photo of the trip.  Becky wanted to ski until last chair and the sun is setting on this side of the mountain.  Poor old Nevada Bob was having his nose rebuilt – hahaha.

I’ve spent a bit of time in British Columbia and I got used to Snow Ghosts (trees that are just caked with snow near tree line).  We don’t have this in Colorado.  It makes the tree skiing up around that Canadian border area just amazing and Whitefish delivered some amazing tree skiing!!!!

I am fatter than the gap in those Snow Ghosts….. Becky in the Snow Ghost forest.  The photos don’t do it justice just how pretty this was. The weapons for the week.  Bob’s brother Burl and I shared a scotch and a boubon and a rum or three together.  Burl got to ski some of the Ski Makers skis and he loved them……  Fuck me we drank some piss.

I spent 2 days in Jackson…. you can see the grass popping up under the gondora.

I went to the local ski hill “Snow King” and asked the kid behind the desk for an uphill ski pass…. he suggested I go running….. I love local advice so I didn’t go skinning that day.Becky and Bob were amazing hosts, looking forward to having Bob and Becky in March at the Chateau Grindlay.  What a hoot of a trip.