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R and D

Rachel is an old mate, so old in fact, she was there when they brought me home from the hospital (no, not after my brain injury, after I was born).

The first time I ever skied was with Rachel and I remember (pre brain injury) her coming over to the house and teaching us how ski boots and bindings worked…. Rachel was the only person we knew who actually owned a pair of skis.  She was probably one of 3 people in Queensland to own skis back then.

I’ve had a chance to hang out with Rachel and Dave in Brissy but that I cannot remember well – Bundy (not brain injury).  When they asked me if they should ski Japan or Colorado in December…. of course I said Colorado!!!

So they arrived…. and now I have a liver injury……

That was just the first night!!!

Crikey these guys can sink some piss…. none of that bullshit about being at 9,000 feet.

Beaver Creek – you’d think for $80 you’d get a bigger bottle…..  I tell girls it is smaller because of the altitude.

Ski Cooper…..  don’t think they have champers there.

Champagne is served at the hot springs though….

Dave had a hard on about seeing a Broncos (NFL/Gridiron) game.  He wanted to buy tickets early but I wasn’t sure of the weather or if the Broncos would play that well.  Turns out that waiting (until the morning before the game) paid off.

We got some fancy pants seats!!!

This has to be an RM commercial – three Aussie’s at the footy!!!!

The day just worked out fantastic.  Great seats, Broncos won, parked at Brody’s brewery, he really looked after us, pretty girls and lots of beer afterwards.  And Rach drove….

Because the snow was not so amazing (the snow was horrible, I felt bad since it was dumping in Japan), we went for a hike one afternoon.

This was cool because it is a hike I’ve done with Maurie, Marg and Carmel (Bruce drove).  We stopped in at the Nordic Center to have a beer with former Olympian Jana which is always a hoot!!!


Despite how bad the snow was, we did ski 5 different ski resorts.  Beaver……

Dave and I are fans of the Beaver.

Arapahoe Basin…..  Dave, you should probably turns back now.   Beautiful sunny day in Breckenridge. Vail….. Snowboarding sitting on his arse…. who would have thunk it!!!

Years and years ago I was at a pub and people signed dollar notes – it was my first winter in Keystone and the pub was called Kermits and I was there because I had been in hospital and then nearly lost a wheel on my Jeep on the way home.

I thought it was a good idea, so I ask my mates who crash at the Chateaur Grindlay to sign a dollar bill.  My international mates are often cheap so they sign peso’s or yen notes.

On Rachel and Dave’s last night, they wanted to sign a bill and I brought out the other bills signed by Maurie and Marg (and Carmel and Bruce) when they were over years ago, Justin and Andrea and Tristan when they were over two years ago.  Very cool!!!!

Despite the pretty marginal snow I think we had a good time…. I’m told Rachel and Dave have already booked their flights for next year.  I’m on a strict liver training program….. I think I have to drink more.  The liver is an organ like any other, when I train for a marathon I get that heart pumping.

That is my theory and I’m sticking to it.

See you guys next year!!!