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Just Warming (cooling) Up

Between seasons in Colorado aren’t that great… you can’t do one thing or the other.

I’m always bitching and moaning about it so instead of bitching and moaning about it, I shook the sand out of my lady parts and decided to kick arse.

I skinned up A-Basin one morning to grab a wee taste of the sunrise.

I skied Breckenridge before class…. look at all that snow!!!! I even skied on a weekend (which I hate).  A little potential snowmobile exploration up in Sts. John (yes there are 2 Saint John’s hence it is called Sts. John).

My mate Eric came up for a few days….

And we played tennis.  We did have to clear a little bit of snow off the shady end of the court.

And we played golf with my mate Matty down at Arrowhead – super fancy pants.  First up is Eric crushing a ballooning slice – hahaha.

The background in this photo – that was the entire back 9.  Gorgeous!!!

I got to go to Kremmling for a snowmobile avalanche talk.  Pretty cool to listen to a lecture sitting on 20K of snowmobile.

Since I was headed down there I thought I’d drop into the hot springs…. had it all to myself.  Whenever I go el naturale I tend to get things to myself.  First pic is saying it is 32.4C (90F) – not hottub hot, but just hot enough.

Then it was Thanksgiving and Brielle and Chris were nice enough to invite me down to Denver to partake.  During the enormous feast we each said what we are thankful for, after being thankful for my hosts, I said that I’m Thankful America is Great Again.  I think people thought I was joking – hahaha.

While in Denver, the Ski Makers family were out of town so we had a boys night, tuning skis.

Lots and lots of skis……

After some more skiing and skinning I thought I’d get out of Keystone and spend the weekend down in Colorado Springs.  What a hoot!!!!

I was buggered the day I arrived.

I thought about just staying home with the dogs and going to bed at 6pm.

In the spirit of shaking the sand of my lady parts, I went out and partied with Eric and Greg.  First stop…. the Broadmoor.

And old favourite of mine (pic from back in 2013).


Legend has it that in 1986 President George W. woke up after a night partying at the Broadmoor and his hangover was so bad he never had a drink again.  Drinks are too expensive at the Broadmoor for me to get that drunk… I even had to play the piano to reduce our tab.

I did drink enough that later in the evening I did some two stepping and some line dancing…. thankfully there are no photos of those shenanigans.

Sunday, after watching football and doing a bit of work at the Chateau Kronebusch, Eric and I did the whole Sunday Roast thing for Aunt Susan.  Fucking nailed it!!!!

And that is about it.  Now I’m back in town and waiting for winter.  I was a little disappointed with my piano performance at the Broadmoor (playing a baby grand is different to my piano) so on Monday I commandeered the baby grand at school for an hour or so.

 Now winter begins.  In the next couple of hours Rachel and Dave are arriving from Australia and I have a sneaking suspicion it is going to be a cracker of a few weeks.