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Doctors Appointment

My Doctors (yes I have 2 of them), see me every winter.  But I’m getting old so I’m having more problems.  In the last 12 months alone they’ve helped me out with the following:

  • Penis injury (x2)
  • Skin cancer check
  • Sore knee
  • Broken heart (x2)
  • Wart (only 1 and not penis related)

My Doctors, Christine and Paul said they’d like to see me twice a year so I thought I’d head out to Maine and hang out with them for my checkup.

Their diagnosis this time was that I’m nuts…. this is an acorn, is that a nut or a seed?

We were in Acadia Nation Park and I can’t believe Chris and Paul invited me along.  We’ve all skied together over the last decade and these Doc’s are pretty hardcore, each day we hiked for at least 6 hours.

We even got to go for a swim. It looks like Paul is holding a cup of beer, Paul really likes beer, but it is a piss sample of mine as part of my checkup.

I told Paul it was beer.

Work is nuts right now so here I am trying to see if Little Spoon still likes me…..

Our wagon for the week……  at the camp Chris and Paul mingled with other folks and Paul introduced me as his butler.  He said they brought me along to polish his boots and pour drinks, which I did, because I kept loosing at crib (as a good guest does – wink wink).

I passed all the Doctor tests so this is my last night hurrah, scotch and lobstahhhh!!!  I think it is even better than New Zealand cray….

Wonderfully generous of Chris and Paul to let me tag along on their exploration of Acadia National Park.  The timing was perfect travel wise and the weather was sensational.  Thanks guys.