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7 Days, 7 Resorts

Today is closing day at Keystone and the last day of any season brings mixed feelings….. sometimes I feel sad that the season is ending and people are leaving, but sometimes I feel excited about what the new season will bring.

This year I’m excited.

Over the last 14 years, 24 winters (I’ve mixed a couple of summers in there), one thing is constant…. every winter is better, and they keep getting better.

There are good winters and bad winters snowfall wise, but every year I’m a little smarter, my skiing is improving and most importantly, I’m surrounded by more and more amazing people.  It is mind blowing how many phenomenal people I get to ski with.  Until this week, I hadn’t skied a day on my own, last winter, 120 days skiing, I didn’t get to ski on my own.

Leading up to closing day I thought I’d ski 7 resorts in 7 days, Little Spoon and I had this idea a few years back to do 30 resorts in 30 days and we figured out that it was possible, albeit prohibitively expensive.  I thought this mission would be a burden, a bit of a chore, but it turned out to be an absolute blast!!!

Day 1 – Beaver Creek

This was Monday, I was up early and I was up too early.  The Beaver had 8″ the night before (I wish a lady friend of mine could report that – 4″ last night and 4″ this morning is more like it – hahaha).  The snow was fantastic and being closing week I had the opportunity to ski the World Cup Downhill Course…. on my own.  Not a single other person on it.

Fuck me sideways, this was bloody brilliant!!!

Day 2 – Steamboat Springs

I haven’t skied Steamboat in years, it is only 2 hours from my place and I’ve burned a lot of free ski days just because it seems too far away.  On Tuesday, my neighbor Chris and I scooted up there and it was interesting.

Chris was born in Colorado, he is a genuine local and he HATES it when people claim ‘local’ status.  We were out once and some Doris had moved to Breckenridge the week before and she was all excited about being a ‘local’.  I made sure she told Chris about her ‘local”ness.  Too much of a gentleman to say anything, Chris was furious on the inside   Hahaha.

I’m rambling but on that Tuesday Chris and I, who are the ultimate locals in our own lunch hour, we were a couple of bunnies.  We didn’t know where to park, we even screwed up getting on the gondola.  And we gave each other arseholes for being ‘gapers’.

Billy Kidd is an old school down hill skier and he lives in Steamboat.  Al has skied with Billy, Chris and I would probably offer up a left testicle to ski with Billy, but he is NOT skiing today.

Day 3 – Copper Mountain

Chris joined me for a Wednesday ski at Copper Mountain.  We were both impressed with the mountain which we drive past dozens of times a year.

You guys know that triple zero is our 911…..

The peaks in the background are the top of Breckenridge ski area

Day 4 – Vail

Vail is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  It is 30 minutes from my house and I only just realized that I have NEVER skied it on my own.  On Thursday, I went to Vail, all on my own.

I love skiing Vail with my crew, but there were a few cougars on the chairlift that got my number who could make parking more convenient next winter – hahaha.  I’m not kidding.

Photo below is me with my arms around my friends…..

Day 5 – Breckenridge

Friday at Breck, I had class at 3pm and I’ve done this a dozen times this winter.  Just another day.

Day 6 – Arapahoe Basin

TMFC (Ty the Mother Fucker Cicel) lined up a spot at the ‘Beach’.  It was a gorgeous day, a whole crew of awesome people and we started drinking at 11am…. didn’t finish drinking until 2am.

Lordy lord, there were 40 people involved and it was just wonderful.  This was a ‘locals’ day and I need to thank Ty (TMFC) for the invite and letting my mates tag along.

I did get a run in……  full tuck.

This is where we spent the day…. fantastic!!!

Day 7 – Keystone

7 resorts in 7 days, after a big Saturday I was waivering about Sunday but I sacked up and Jeff and I finished the season off with a bang.

Jeff and I partied it up at the Meadow with the local dirtbags.

And then we skied down at 6pm with not another soul….. Jeff even got some air.  I paced it out – Jeff got a fair dinkum 50 feet of air.  Ballsy – considering ski patrol had clocked out for the season.

There is still more skiing to be had and I have a few backcountry missions in mind.  But the season is kinda over.  This summer I’m going to be in California, Prince Edward Island and the UK.

I can’t wait for next winter – it will be even better, you should come and partake, if you don’t, you will be one year older when you do.