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Late Season Turns

Since Park City the skiing has been kinda ordinary, even when it snows, it is getting up to 10 degrees Celsius during the day which turns the snow to mashed potatoes really quick.

The last proper day of winter was with Tina and Charlie’s crew…. another fantastic day skiing Vail with a great posse.  We had some family skiing in the morning, some big boy skiing after lunch and of course, a fun down the Minturn Mile with a couple of virgins as the last run of the day.

Steve from Chicago…..

And Nick from New Jersey.

On this run down the Mile, I arranged beer half was down…. nobody believed me and thought I was full of it.

Half way down the Mile is the Beaver Ponds – here is a view as you ski into it.  Really pretty spot.

The crew surprised me with some air…. my timing was off on the camera, but I promise you these guys got HUGE backcountry air!!!


Christine…. post air. Paul… initiation a HUGE air.

The most experienced skier of us all Nick, casual as can be.

There is still 6 weeks of skiing/snowmobiling left….