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Canyons/Park City

Last week, I had the opportunity to ski Park City.  North America’s largest ski area.  With 31″ of fresh, dry, Utah powder and some bloody good skiers.

I was the 5th wheel on a trip full of people who didn’t blink at a chair lift which only accessed double blacks   Between the 5 of us, we had around 200 days combined skiing this season in Canada, Montana, California and Colorado.  I loved that nobody, not once, complained about their equipment…. everyone knew their stuff and holy batman did we ski some long days!!!  120,000 vertical feet in 5 days and not a single groomed run (of course we skied groomed runs but never top to bottom).

There wasn’t just 5 of us, my first night I caught up with Erin and Stacy, and a bunch of Frenchies joined us for lunch (MacNearny out-laws).  Nobody really lasted though…..

Christine and Paul organized the whole thing…..

Becky and Bob from Tahoe/Montana made up the posse.

Did I mention that Becky was part of the crew?

How does one describe 2 and a half feet of snow?

Paul doesn’t have any hair on his head, so he compensates with hair on his back and chin.  It was dumping and his ‘Beardcicle’ is testament to the conditions.

And the entire mountain was skiable, even if we had absolutely no idea where we were or what we were getting ourselves into.

For example, the photo below is a run we skied in snowy conditions…. we thought we were at the top of the mountain, but when the weather cleared, we realized there was LOTS of stuff above us that we could ski.

Of course there was some hiking….  People tell me “I don’t hike because I bought a lift ticket.”

So did 8 million other people.  I bought a lift ticket and walked 8 minutes and got FRESHIES!!!

There is a story behind the photo below.  On social media I posted “The ball and chain called it a day, so we are taking Paul hiking.”

Earlier in the day Paul really wanted to go for wee hike and Christine told him “You are not going with Tom.”  It was pretty stern and there was no way Paul was coming.

At 3pm, Christine called it a day and Paul (not me) thought it would be funny to get a photo of him pretending to go hiking.  After a full day, and over 100,000 vertical feet of skiing in the last 4 days nobody had hiking legs.

 Next time mate.

Thanks to Christine and Paul for the invitation for this leg of their winter.

PS – I’ve never written a post script on a blog post but this is special.  Once upon a time, a Canadian, leftie, hippie made a wager…. a wager that if Trump became President she would put a Trump sticker on her car (if Hill-Dog won I’d have to put a Hillary sticker on my car).  A wager between two people who couldn’t vote tor Trump even if they wanted to.

This photo is,  that Canadian/hippie/lefite/commie/socialist receiving her new car sticker…. and a “Make America Great Again” cap.

The only word I can think of to describe this….. Trumptastic.