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International Mates

Man, what a crazy few weeks!!!

The Hutchinson’s have been in town and after 4 attempts, Paul finally got some Colorado powder, lucky bugger got the goodies in Telluride with 18″ on his first day there.  We had some Friday afternoon powder turns at Keystone, not quite 18 inches but Hutch still liked it.  That is how I word it to the girls…. wasn’t quite 18″ but was still pretty good?

I did get some bump skiing in with the 2 Paul’s.  The story goes, a Kiwi, a Canadian and an Aussie skied E-Chair….. and none of us made it look any good.

My old Brissy ski buddy Shaz forked out a fortune to get here for my birthday…. I think it was 12 cents for her Business Class tickets (she works for Virgin).

It took until the last 2 days of Shaz’s month long trip for the two of us got to some ‘alone time’ and we tore up Keystone just the way Shaz likes it.    We picked some fantastic lines which are pictured below.

Over the last decade Shaz and I have skied close to 100 days together (we’ve had 5 Minturn Miles together), in 3 different countries with an amazing cadre of skiing mates.  I think Shaz and Al are the only people to have met every X-Box (ex girlfriend) I’ve had over the last decade…. that is depressing, and bonding at the same time.  Perhaps it isn’t me…. Al and Shaz, maybe you guys need to look at yourselves – hahaha.  Of course it was me.

Back to skiing – Shaz ripping Keystone a new one…..

Since it was my birthday everyone wanted to be in town (I don’t think it had anything to do with my birthday but don’t tell me).  The Prince Edward Island crew were in town…. sooooo many people, all the time.  I’m kinda used to it and it was fun.

These guys ski every day, first chair to nearly last chair…. then play cribbage until the wee hours for hundreds of dollars a hand (kidding – I ended up owing 12 cents).

Here is Shaz, Jean and Paul taking over the kiddies run in Breck… watch out for the spiders guys!!!

And there was some big boy skiing at Breck as well…..

In the spirit of the new yankee President… we grabbed the Beaver.

Next year, when you are standing in a massive lift line in November, I want you to remember that mid week February skiing much nicer!!!  The only tracks you can see on that groomer… are ours from the run before.

A couple of gorgeous days at Vail…..  Actually we skied it on Valentines Day.  Shaz likes the blacks…..

Old people getting all lovey-dovey…. gross – hahaha

Vail was everyones Valentine that day…. that sounds sooooo horrible.  Remind me to delete that.

A day at Vail required the obligatory run down the Minturn Mile.

I’ve got a few more pics to add to this post form other cameras.

And next week I’m off to Utah.  I’ve never skied in Utah, but I’ve been there a bunch…. for Temple of course.