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It has been over a decade since  I was last in Yellowstone.  Last time was 2003, after some time with Luke in Banfff.  On that trip, I drove south to Colorado and passed through Yellowstone.  It was puking snow, there was nobody around and it was kinda hairy.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to visit Yellowstone again…. hell yeah I would!!!!

This time, it was summer and from what I read, 3 people a month are molested by bears.  I think the official word is mauled (Priests molest, bears maul).  Neither is good.

Anytime I was outside, I looked for someone fatter, someone slower.  When I was the fattest/slowest….. I was vigilant and had my bear hair spray out.

Have you heard stories of bear hair spray working?  No, Anyone who needed it, used it and got eaten.  I’m not allowed a gun (I’m on a student VISA, Colorado has a history of students going postal), even if you are allowed a gun you can’t have one in a National Park and I’m hanging out with 2 chicks who can definitely outrun my fat arse..

I dabbed a bit of vegemite under my arms…. if it came to the crunch with a bear, I’d bring out my sense of humor.  100% offensive so far – hahaha.


I did figure out why they call this place Yellowstone…. there are lots of Asians.

Everyone was lovely and I think I was the only jack arse to use the horn on the car…. someone stopped to look at some ants and I gave them a wee toot.

There were a lot of bison.  Every photo here was taken by the crew.


The best thing we saw was a bison fight.

We were just chilling out, eating some smoked salmon and the 2 vet science girls noticed a couple of the big boy bison being interested in a lady bison.  Then it was on!!!


Bison fight was AWESOME.  Being on a trip with a couple of chicks that know their animals I found out that the bison DNA is North American.  Here is the proof, bison drive on the right…..


It might have been the company, but I reckon the Boiling River hotsprings are the best natural hot springs I’ve been to.  Very cool, but at the same time hot.


There were a lot of international tourists in Yellowstone, they were great, and we had to remind ourselves that seeing a moose is a big deal.  I saw 2 meece today at my house and I still think it is awesome.


This is just a sheep.  This sheep caused a 30 minute traffic jam.  Ram Jam.


This waterfall is one of the most seen/photographed/painted waterfalls on the planet.

We headed down into the guts of the waterfall.   This is called Uncle Tom’s steps.  It was pretty busy and everyone was just the nicest and most polite.  Even this cow girl we found with a rainbow hanging about.


The money shot of the waterfall is called Artists Point (same waterfall).  Instead of driving, we (I say that as if I had a say in things – hahaha), the girls decided to walk the canyon rim around to that iconic view.

Yellowstone Canyon…. it doesn’t look real, it didn’t look real standing there.


OK, enough serious stuff, this is my blog after all.

We spent a couple of days walking around the geo-thermal stuff.

You are told not to walk off the paths.


Turns out, you aren’t supposed to walk off the paths because you can fall through the crust.  Into super acidic boiling stuff.  A fella did it a couple of months ago, they didn’t even bother looking for him because there was nothing left.


I don’t think that fella was the only one…….  people disappear all the time in Yellowstone.

danger-1 danger-4

This trip was semi impromptu.  We saw everything that should be seen including the Yellowstone Inn which was amazing.


Getting to see Yellowstone with a couple of horsey/vet/animal chicks made the trip for me.


As if we didn’t have enough waterfalls,  this is Shell Falls, a bathroom break less than an hour from the ranch.waterfalls-1