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Lake Powell

One day, I was sitting on a chairlift with Al.  Not much of a surprise there, we’ve done this a lot over the last decade and more.  Al mentions that his extended crew have lined up a Lake Powell trip.

That sounds awesome!!!!  Swimming, waterskiing, jetskiing, hitting golf balls into the lake, bikinis and fossil fuels…. I’m pretty sure I even said “I’d give my left testicle to get to go on a trip like that.”


Crickets…….  we rode 8 chairlifts that day,.

Maybe it is a family thing I thought.

A month goes by, I get a spreadsheet from Tyler (my younger adopted brother) asking what meals I’m going to prepare, who I am bringing and what shirt sizes I want to order.

I had Tyler check with Al, turns out Al assumed I was going and he didn’t need my left testicle as a deposit.  Al did ask if I was bringing a fat chick – I keep telling him I’m 5 years fat free.  He said it was for ballast and provisions.

When it came to provisions it was a mission.  This was just our load.


It was a great crew….  Sister Sally and Al.


Katie and Billy.


Andi getting her father-outlaw drunk.


There was a dog…..


There was an Orca….


Old friends….


Older friends…..


And girls with guns.


There was golfing…..


There was tubing (Tyler and Andi up first)


KP and I ready for it…..

kellytomtubing-2tomtubeTurns out my tube wasn’t inflated to the specified pressure…. yeah right.kellytomtubing-1

There were jetskis too!!!


On the topic of fossil fuels…. what do you think we could do with these two fueled up boats?


Kelly up on 1 ski after a deep water start….

kellyskiingThe best waterskiing photo we have of me…..


We did get to hike up onto the mesa…..

hikingcrew houseboat

Thanks Big Guy.