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Skiing Mates

This last month I’ve had some old skiing mates in town…..

I’ve had such a wonderful, wonderful time with these guys, Shaz, Chris, Paul, Lica, Dave, Tim, Debbie, Kathy, Walter and Nick as well as Charlie and Tina whom I don’t have any photos (there will be photos in the future – I’m going to be the celebrant at their wedding!!!).  With these guys in town; I didn’t work enough, I drank too much and I lost another girlfriend…. but on the positive side; I didn’t work too much, I drank too much and I lost another girlfriend – hahaha.


Before February started, I had another birthday and lined up the most awesome day (I’m only writing about this so I don’t forget how it panned out).  I had a few early morning ski runs with my adopted Dad Al, skied with the the adaptive crew here in Keystone until lunch, the afternoon kicked off with me snowmobiling in the company of a pretty girl, followed up with apres at the Ski Tip (the loveliest place for apres that I know of), a mixed game of doubles tennis with Sarah and Mike (and the lost girlfriend) and finishing the day off with dinner at my mate Dan’s new restaurant thing in Keystone.  I’ve had some pretty cool birthdays and this was another great one….. I like birthdays, I plan to keep having them as long as I live, on a biannual basis.

OK, back to my skiing mates in February.

Shaz, who is a skiing mate from Brisbane that I’ve known for 15 years decided to drop in after 2 weeks skiing in Park City.  Shaz is a great skier, and the first pic below is Shaz and an Austrian World Cup GS skier up at A-Basin.  I think old Boris was interested in Shaz but there is no way he could keep up.

shaz-basin-1 pei-03


Sorry Shaz, I can’t not post a photo of you crashing…..


As well as a great skier Shaz isn’t afraid to try new things, she recently became a sailor (and lost a mate called Sailor – inside joke).  So when I asked Shaz if she wanted to come snowmobiling….. there was only one answer….


One thing I like (and dislike) about my ‘old skiing mates’ is that they ski all day, every day they are here.  Shaz skied 12 days in a row in Park City, then she skied 10 in a row here in Colorado totaling 7 resorts. At the end of Shaz’s trip, my Canadian Doctor mates arrived and these guys ski 8:30am till 4pm every day.  Shaz has skied with them in years past and it was a fun crew!!!


In preparation for the Canadian Docs arrival, I had to do 3 weeks of work the week before they arrived.  Once they got here, they ski all day, hottub for hours then play cards until the wee hours…. then repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it…. every day.  Occasionally I tell them that I have to ‘work’, in truth I just need a break – hahaha.


That last pic is the entrance to the Minturn Mile (a ski run off the back of Vail to this little town called Minturn).  We had a chance to ski the Mile and it was spring perfection, not the best, but some of the best turns I’ve made this season.

pei-vail-08 pei-vail-6

Yes, my primary health care physician approves of scotch on the slopes (I believe that might be taken out of context).


The whole idea of a run down ‘The Mile’ is to have a drink at the 120yo pub.

pei-vail-09I have a few weeks now to recuperate, make some money, let the liver fix itself and come late March things will ramp up again.  It will be Big Boy Skiing time.  Little Spoon in flying in after his season in Japan, there are now 2 snowmobiles behind the truck and with 75 skis days under my belt the legs feel good and my life expectancy is not that good – hahaha.

The whole snowmobile setup has changed and I think I might write a post about that between now and the final post for the season.