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The Williams

I’m often asked by my American mates,  “What is ‘shenanigans’?”

Shenanigans /ʃɪˈnænɪɡən/ noun (informal) (usually pl) of unknown origin:

A social dish enjoyed by Australians.
Ingredients: Some old mates, some new mates and a kid who hasn’t seen the snow before.
Add 4 ski resorts (Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin)
Simmer in alcohol daily at 5pm.
Garnish with dog sledding, skiing, tubing and snowmobiling.

I have been looking forward to Justin, Andrea and Little T coming to visit since they booked their flights nearly 12 months ago.  It has been a great couple of weeks.  Didn’t break anyone or anything.  I have some footage to edit, a house to clean, a business to check on and a liver to cleanse.

I’ll share some more pics and video here in a week or so….. there were some great crashes caught on film which should make it fun.  Here is the first edit, I’m only about 1/3 the way through sorting the raw video.

Still a bunch more video to be added and there are some more crashes……

crash-1aussiecrew-3 crash-3crash-2 littlet-1littlet-2

Although it was cold, we did get out for some different activities that I’m not as familiar with…..

williams-5 williams-1

And there was some snowmobiling.  Tanya did scare me when she jumped on Polly and took off like a bat out of hell.  Tanya has probably had more experience on machinery than everyone I know combined so I need not have worried.


Maybe I should have been worried a little bit…..


Justin and Tristan got a chance to molest Polly as well…..

williams-sled-2 williams-sled-6

With it being so cold (-20C most of the time these guys were in town), we needed to warm up with a hottub while the sun set.

sunset pool-1

Both Justin and Shaun are amazing when it comes to ‘family’ skiing. I think it is pretty cool that these guys are pretty unselfish considering how much they love skiing.

It might be because they are afraid of where I’ll take them….

williams-3williams-2No way I’m going to let them get away with looking good down 4th Alley, the steepest in bounds run in Summit County.


This trip was Little Ts (Tristan) first time seeing snow, the first time I saw snow was with Justin nearly 22 years go.

It was nice to be able to help out a little bit and as you can see, I have a very hands on approach to teaching people how to ski.


It wasn’t long until Little T was tearing up the entire mountain…. No Beginners on this lift, no beginners, no problem.


I had a blast hanging out with these guys, Shawn and Tanya were a hoot and I’m sure we’ll run into each other again somewhere on the planet and I didn’t realise it has been 5 years since I last saw Justin.