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Ow no…..

This is the heart of summer so there should be some shenanigans, “Ow no, liver me alone.”  I think I’ve heard my poor liver scream a few times.  These pics are in reverse order so most recently….. the Demolition Derby was Erin’s idea and it turned out to be a hoot!!!!

To the Derby…… I don’t think any patrons, except our crew (pictured above) made it onto the track.  Stacy, Regina and Mike hassling the girls….. this is out on the track and not open to the public.


After making it all the way across the track, I think I looked disabled enough that nobody thought to bother me.darby-3It was pretty cool that Mike went in for the trophies….  we seemed too harmless to arrest and too white to shoot (did I just go there?).darby-4Before the derby, my mates Charlie and Tina were in town.  I saw them at their place in Jersey a few months back and they are a blast to hang out with.  As usual, they grabbed some Jeeps and we went 4WD’ing for a day.  The highlight was Charlie proposing to Tina at the top of Webster Pass….  she did say yes.

Charlie has asked me to be the minister at the wedding.  That is going to be something!!!!


Speaking of blasting, here is my skiing buddy and neighbour Chris V giving Black Betty a water blast.  Black Betty is 6″8′ so the water has to be 10 feet maybe?

4wd-1It was down this side of the pass that Black Betty turned out to be a little too….. fat.

This photo doesn’t do it justice but that front left wheel isn’t on much dirt, and it is a very long way down.  So I’m driving from the right side (I’m familiar with that) with Chris V holding my arm through the open door incase she starts to go.

Made it!!!  Time for a drink and someone else can drive….. I had to sit in the back because I needed to change my pants.

As you can see, there still isn’t a lot of room.


With all my Kiwi mates giving me raspberries about how good a winter they are having, I needed to get some ski turns in.  So Jason and I headed down to St. Mary’s Glacier. There were a few people about but nobody else skiing which was a hoot.

The only skis I didn’t have stored were Luke the Ski Makers puppies that he made up for my Japan trip a couple of years ago.  I’m not the biggest fan of these planks but they worked awesome in Japland and they were the perfect weapon for the glacier snow, maybe I should stop bitching.

stmarys-2 stmarys-3 stmarys-4 stmarys-5

This week is the big bike race in town and next week school starts again – more shenanigans on the way!!!!