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35 Day Road Trip – Part 2

OK part two of this trip.

With the trains not running between DC and NYC, Gordy loaned me one of his cars and I’m sure he was using his Pentagon buddies to keep an eye on me…..

Gordy might have been following me as well – that looks like him.


I didn’t run any stop signs unlike this cop in DC.  I’m trying my best to be sympathetic……  Later in the trip in South Jersey a truck I was riding in got a ticket for not completely stopping at a stop sign.  Maybe karma got me back.


The whole idea of the visit to New York was to see The Book of Mormon.  It was OK, I didn’t know any of the songs so couldn’t sing along.

My first time to NYC and we had a walk around.


From NYC I headed to New Jersey to see an old friend of a friend.  Sarah and Dave were awesome and we kind of just drank and ate the entire time.

I think this pic was taken in the wee hours as Dave and I complimented each other on scoring chicks wayyyyy better looking than us.


Then it was off to see Charlie and Tina who had 20 of ‘our’ mates around and it was a hoot.  I don’t think we have any pics from Charlie’s place but it was awesome and he can’t tease me for not visiting any more.

From Charlie’s place I headed up to Lake Placid.  Lake Placid has held a couple of Winter Olympics and I heard there was a ski slope nearby so we thought I’d check it out……  4 hour round trip hike and in the photo below you can see the ski run that was on the map.  You can see ALL of it.  I don’t think ‘Alice Waterhouse’ was much of a downhill skier.


From Lake Placid I had to catch the ferry to Burlington…… only thing is, the ferry doesn’t run until 4th of July.  It was May something….


Since it wasn’t my car I could be some what creative. I’m not going to tell you what I did, Gordy is probably watching…..

Can anyone guess where we went next?  Here I am standing outside the State Capitol building…..


OK, the capital city of this state is Montpelier.  Still not sure what state we are in?  It is Vermont.

Adam and Denise live in Stowe which is the ‘Aspen of the East’ and this place was much more my speed.  Every day we hiked, we got some tennis in and I got some work in.  Adam has had a wee bit of success on Wall Street so it was fun talking shop and when Adam spoke, I shut up and listened.

This photo is from above the Stowe ski area where people hike in winter.


While in Stowe I got to go to one of Adam and Denise’s kids high school lacrosse games.  Due to my parole conditions, the high school cheerleaders got the day off (I’m kidding).

Since none of the parents were encouraging fights, I got up and encouraged a bit of biffo from the sideline.

“It’s not a broom stick Harry Potter.”


After feeling completely at home in Vermont, I headed back down to Snooki town, South Jersey.  Nicole and Vinnie (what a Jersey name!!!) are old friends and holy cow was this place awesome!!!

After a pretty big day driving from Vermont down there and then a few whiskeys, my first full day in South Jersey involved a trip to the beach for my first ever swim in the Atlantic…..

It was 55F and somewhat nippilus erectus.


To get to the beach we took a boat…..

jerseyshore-2 jerseyshore-4

And then rode our bikes across one of the barrier islands.

 only just noticed that in this photo, my left leg has slipped off the peddle.  Thankfully no crushed nuts, this was late in the day I can’t remember it that well anyway.  Good thing I didn’t have to drive the boat home.


I couldn’t believe how great New Jersey was.  The beach was just like the Gold Coast, the people weren’t like Snooki at all, I played some pick-up tennis with some great oldies at some courts at the local park and to top it off we went kayaking on the ‘Wading River’.  What a gorgeous spot and didn’t see another person!!!


South Jersey wasn’t all play…. I did get in a few days of work and this was my temporary office.


On the way back to DC we drove through Philly.  Kinda crappy place but we were told where to get a proper Philly Cheese Steak.

Then I was back in Oklahoma City.  I did gain 10 kilos on the trip, not all from OKC but maybe some.


And then to finish our 35 days on the road I cooked up shrimp on the barbie……

The entire trip was fantastic.  My hosts during the trip were amazing and some were returning the favour and some I look forward to returning the favour both here in Colorado and back in Queenstown.