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Road Trip

After all these years I finally made it east of the Mississippi!!!!

Arriving in DC on a Tuesday night I was super excited about being in the city. At dinner not 2 hours after getting out of the airport I couldn’t believe who was sitting at the table next to me…. former Speaker of the House and Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich and Senator Linsday Graham!!!!!

I was too much of a pussy to ask them for a foto……..

No worries, next day I dropped into a hotel for lunch that had been recommended to me.  I had no idea where I was.  When I walked up to the table….. there it  was….., The White House!!!!!

Chin-chin Mr. President!!!!

whThe weather was great so I walked off lunch and took in the view from the Lincoln memorial.  Lincoln was a Republican, like Bush, unlike anyone with the last name Clinton.dc-3On the walk home I passed the Washington Monument and Marine One took off from the White House and buzzed overhead.  Pretty cool!!!


My old mate Gordy, is a dirty snowboarding jibber and he has hassled me about not coming to DC for years.  So when I arrived…. Gordy delivered the goodies.  The train broke down and Gordy sorted it out – it wouldn’t be the first time Gordy solved train issues during this trip.

With a bit of shuffling, I got to see the SHUTTLE and the plane that Gordy’s Dad flew during his WW2 training.

One of the highlights of my trip – super awesome.


IMG_4983 Gordy’s Dad didn’t fly the Enola Gay


This trip all started with a wedding.

Actually, it was the 2nd wedding.  The first wedding could only accommodate 35 people because the island in the Bahama’s that the father of the bride owns can  only accommodated 35.


As you can imagine it was all on.  After 2 days, it didn’t feel right drinking someone else’s bourbon.  So when the band ran out of time and people still wanted to party….. it was time for me to earn my keep.

dc-12 nights later I had tickets on Broadway.  I also had tickets on the train from DC to NYC….. but it fell off the tracks the night before……..


With the trains not running and the buses full, my old mate Gordy gave me the keys to one of his babies…….Photo May 21, 11 16 38 AMI thought this was the end….. turns out it was just the beginning.