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Before the Storm

A bunch of pics that I thought I should post before the guts of the season really begin.

First up…..  it was free day at the zoo and there were some yet to be defined species outside the cages.  We had just come from the Cartier Exhibit at the museum so it was a bit of a culture shock.  No real photos except this one of the 5 legged elephant….

Funny thing was, it was a couple of old lesbian ducks that explained what was going on.  Look at the size of that thing, I think the lezzies were intimidated.


After great early snow, January contributed to the 300 days of sunshine that we get here in Colorado (I have no idea how they measure that but it is on the brochure).  There was some skiing and since the Skiing World Cup was on at Beaver Creek we thought we’d head over on one of those 300 days of sunshine to check out what was going on.

The downhill behind her (red) and the GS (blue).


Ow I nearly forgot, before we skied that day, we went on this driving thing.  Wasn’t quite what we expected but it got us over there.  It was kinda gay, but so are Audi’s.

They wouldn’t let me take the truck on the course…. too big they said.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that….. I’d be down a few bucks.

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Poly has been a bit of a bitch lately but each time I fix something, I’m closer to getting her running right.  Last Friday I took her for a blast up Vail Pass, I didn’t make it to lunch but it was a spectacular day!!!!


Poly broke down so I did some exploring on foot.  After a bit of a scare this summer I have been doing some study on tracking mammaries.  That is not a spelling mistake.

I’m comfortable with the mammaries I have BUT, it is a subject I’m interested in for the sake of self preservation.  I think it is a fox, could be a rabbit, could be a twig from a tree, I’m not very far in my studies but I am eager….


After yet another trip into the shop, I took Poly out for a spin on my own.  Sunday afternoon, 20 miles and saw 1 other person….. I was scared to buggeries!!!  If anything happened I was up shit creek, so cold, it would have been stiff shit creek.


Not sure what the excuse was for this night at Erin’s, perhaps some Mexican holiday or something. Bit of a hoot with grits – still not sure what they are.


Last pics for this post are the ones you want the most…….  One morning I got up about 10am (a little early), I was making coffee and I looked out the door and saw this….  PIc is taken from where I was making coffee.


The Doris with the Florida number plates got away with this one thankfully.  It is the best parallel park EVER!!!!!


This pic is from a few years ago from the same deck…. not as happy an ending unfortunately.


The Canadians and Shaz are both half way through their trip and I have a bunch of pics and video which will be the next post.

Once they all leave, I have a 3 or 4 day trip out to the Lost Wonder Hut, I’m having nightmares about this trip already.  The snowpack isn’t right, people will die in Colorado this weekend from avalanches.  I’m leaving my big boy pants at home and putting on my pussy pants.

When I get back, the Hutchinson’s will be in the house and I can’t wait!!!!