Tom got Air

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I’m happy in this photo, it isn’t just because I’m sitting on a beautiful horse, on a beautiful property, in the company of some beautiful fillies….. I’m happy because I got some air…. on a horse. It was huge.  We (Stetson … Continue reading


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It has been over a decade since  I was last in Yellowstone.  Last time was 2003, after some time with Luke in Banfff.  On that trip, I drove south to Colorado and passed through Yellowstone.  It was puking snow, there was … Continue reading

Lake Powell

Lake Powell Crew
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One day, I was sitting on a chairlift with Al.  Not much of a surprise there, we’ve done this a lot over the last decade and more.  Al mentions that his extended crew have lined up a Lake Powell trip. That … Continue reading


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When I purchased “Polly the Snowmobile” everyone told me it couldn’t be done. To start with, I had no where to park a snowmobile.  Turns out, you can park a snowmobile in the back of a truck, so my mate Cole helped … Continue reading

Skiing Mates

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This last month I’ve had some old skiing mates in town….. I’ve had such a wonderful, wonderful time with these guys, Shaz, Chris, Paul, Lica, Dave, Tim, Debbie, Kathy, Walter and Nick as well as Charlie and Tina whom I don’t have any photos … Continue reading

The Williams

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I’m often asked by my American mates,  “What is ‘shenanigans’?” Shenanigans /ʃɪˈnænɪɡən/ noun (informal) (usually pl) of unknown origin: A social dish enjoyed by Australians. Ingredients: Some old mates, some new mates and a kid who hasn’t seen the snow before. Add 4 … Continue reading

Winter Prep

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The weather is getting colder up here but there is nobody about which is awesome.  A few little dustings of snow up high but none in the valleys. It is time to get out and explore some ideas I have … Continue reading

Ultimate Road Trip

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I’ve been looking forward to a road trip to Little Squaw and Crested Butte all summer.  I missed out last year because I spent time in California and the day before this trip I was sick as a dog but … Continue reading

Ow no…..

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This is the heart of summer so there should be some shenanigans, “Ow no, liver me alone.”  I think I’ve heard my poor liver scream a few times.  These pics are in reverse order so most recently….. the Demolition Derby … Continue reading

Colorado Summer

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At the start of every season I usually have a list of things to tick off, be it lines to ski, road trips or hikes.  This summer is no different and here are some hikes that I’ve already ticked off … Continue reading

Road Trip

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After all these years I finally made it east of the Mississippi!!!! Arriving in DC on a Tuesday night I was super excited about being in the city. At dinner not 2 hours after getting out of the airport I … Continue reading

Last Winter Post

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The photo above looks like a Santa Claus convention – I’m used to it because most of my guests are a touch older than I am but this is getting a bit crazy.  I’ll get to the Santas later. This is the last … Continue reading

Lost Wonder Hut

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I really like where I get to spend my winters, be it in Colorado or Queenstown.  But occasionally I have to get out and go and stay somewhere shitty…. called a Hut Trip. I was invited on this trip probably … Continue reading

Before the Storm

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A bunch of pics that I thought I should post before the guts of the season really begin. First up…..  it was free day at the zoo and there were some yet to be defined species outside the cages.  We had … Continue reading

Now the fun starts

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I’ve been looking forward to this winter…. since the last one ended!!! Last winter had a great late season with Little Spoon and lots of snowmobiling, the winter before was the BIG one with 97 days in a row of guests at the … Continue reading

Summer 2014

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Yesterday I moved back into the Chateau Grindlay and I’m surprised how much I missed the place; the piano, the neighbours, the hottubs. A few highlights for the summer in reverse order: My neighbour Adam didn’t die after his nose … Continue reading


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When I heard that Marls was coming to Colorado after his Soccer World Cup trip, I couldn’t wait!!! Marls is one of my Terrigal mates who I met through some of the other guys.  Over nearly a decade, Marls and … Continue reading

Out of retirement

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After my Ironman back in 2002, I decided to retire from that kind of rubbish. Then……. one night,  after a scotch or 6, I was giving someone a hard time about crossfit or tuff mudder events and saying how much they … Continue reading

Canadian Doctors

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I think this is the 3rd year Chris and Paul (the Canadian Doctors) have been in town.  The first year they looked after Dave the Sailor and Dave Onions, last year they had Dave Onions to look after and this … Continue reading

20th Winter Begins

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So my 20th winter begins…… Lots of skiing early, lots of groomers but it is snowing outside as I write this and the holidays folks are just about out of town so things should start ramping up.  I’ve had 30 something … Continue reading

Last Summer Post

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The change from spring to winter came pretty quick.  Last Wednesday I went for a mountain bike and this Wednesday is my 6th day on the snow. Last post for summer and it is a bit all over the place…. … Continue reading

Fall Road Trip

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I haven’t posted much this summer; playing golf, hiking and doing school work is not really worth posting. This semester I’m taking a bunch of classes so I don’t have to take any this winter and it has been a … Continue reading

Summer Shenanigans

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Some pics that didn’t have enough for their own post, but worth posting . Black Betty has been treated badly – but it all started with bloody Charlie Moore.  Charlie is a good influence, in a bad way. So when I … Continue reading

7 Passes

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I’ve got a bunch of summer pics to post but I’ll start with last weekends mission down to Crested Butte to hang out with Rob and Nancy. Rob and Nancy are used to hosting (kinda like myself – hahaha) and … Continue reading

Rock Climbing 101

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New semester and it started off pretty well.  College Algebra professor is a hoot and seems like she is on her game and my International Relations lecturer’s chairmanship of the local Democratic Party should make things interesting, she is cute … Continue reading